Saturday, June 22, 2013

Swami's Surfing on Summer Solstice

Sweet ! 
First day of Summer !
I always request this day off
Got in a double surf on my favorite day, in perfect weather!
Swami's swell conditions weren't sooo great, but
I did get to surf with my favorite surf buddy,Jason !
Laurie came too and we had a great beach day in the warm waters and sun.
Got some nice peaky drops and shoulders.
Did my Glad to get that outta the way kooky sled ride.
Then got a handful of nice stuff. So did my son.
Hope he knows how proud of him I am !
I have only surfed Swami's 4 times before.
I can say this.
The line up has a great vibe to it.



Anonymous said...

I like Cheetos, female butts in Levis and crank'n Lefts.

Anonymous said...

You can TUNE a piano, but you can't TUNE a fish.