Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sunday July 14, 2013 #'s 55 and 56. A two-fer

How often do you get to surf
Terramar beach,Carlsbad, California USA
A L O N E ?
 #55 Nobody on the cliff. Nobody on the beach. 
Nobody in the water,
except I
Due to a road closure for a triathlon, I parked a side street and walked into the dark sea.
Well, I do believe another Bill was in the water down at the reef.
It may as well have been a reef 2000 miles away as I couldn't see or hear anything.
I surfed some nice waves in solitude and with out concern for a single thing.
I could hear my board in the water on each wave.
The channels to the fin make a pleasing sound when the board is moving fast and I'm turning.
This new board facilitates my turning.
A great experience this morning !
#56 Sunday part deux
My son and I went out at 3pm in the broad, bright daylight.
Went to the reef out of necessity ( size can matter )
I caught a nice reef wave amongst 25 others in the line up from outside to in.
Kinda like running an obstacle course.
Jason and I caught our wave in together , only to be hopped and snaked by the PRO's at the reef.
Still, a great day together in the water together for "us".

That's what started the whole thing.

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