Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturdays super small Surfing Safari..... F U N ! ! # 64 sometimes good things come in small packages

Got in at 0530 with only 2 others
So flat
So quiet.

So Summer
Maybe some of the highest part of  peaks were waist or shoulder high.
Most were knee or under as I see it.
Got one then headed to the reef as houses was just too micro.
Saw Dwayne and Bill get a few knee highs so I said yeah ok
Got there and immediately glided into a nice left with a knee high face that just kinda went on.
This new board can glide so softly in smaller stuff and catches them by itself .
 I can move it around also.
I'm liking it !
Deebs came over and we had a good talk and then a few more rolled in. It was so glassy and calm the you could just paddle, stop and glide then pick up the swell. The little shoulders would bowl around slightly and these sweet micro faces would just glide ya along to the beach. We were splitting singles going left and right 
 Front and front
 It was really super FUN Super Small and peaceful
Us four and some little gliders
 Great considering no one else choose to go out at Dawn Patrol. It just looked too small
 Surf on

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