Sunday, September 15, 2013

Im a great Surfer.....whoa, Huh?

Hah  # 78
No, of course I am NOT a great surfer. But of course I aspire to be good, and to improve, always.
Am I stoked?
Hell yes, I am STOKED  !

I am improving. Yep .
What is astounding  is that the process takes so long, at least for me.
I have gotten a few really nice critiques/compliments over the last days. THANKS to those that do this.
It keeps ya goin' !
The waves were good this morning and the crowds were way less than the day before thanks to a party that most of the " locals " attended.
A really good day of surfing....
I'll take it   as always

surf on..

1 comment:

christian said...

Whoa! That looks pretty impressive. Shoot, I miss Carlsbad. Hope you are well!